November  2013 1
Thesis Catalogue of Hakka Studies in both Chinese and English: 2011-2012
作者 許維德 整理
Author Edited by Wei-der Shu
關鍵詞 客家研究、學位論文
Keywords Hakka Studies, Degree Thesis
摘要 本書目共收入524篇學位論文,包括23篇博士論文(台灣9篇、中國11篇、香港2篇、美國1篇)、500篇碩士論文以及1篇學士論文。
Abstract The catalogue collects 524 degree theses of the Hakka studies, including 23 PhD theses (of which 9 from Taiwan, 11 from China, 2 from Hong Kong, and 1 from the U.S.A), 500 M.A. theses, and 1 B.A. thesis.


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