November  2013 1
The Hakka in Tahiti
作者 李元生
Author Jimmy Ly
關鍵詞 客家、大溪地、移民
Keywords Hakka, Tahiti, Immigrants
摘要 作者李元生是出生在大溪地的第二代客家人,從小接受法文教育。在這篇研究紀要中,作者介紹大溪地客家的現況,包含客家人遷移史和第二、三代移民所面臨的問題等。文中的描述是以作者的自身經驗和觀察為主,全文生動刻劃出第二代與第一代移民的客家文化傳承過程和第二代移民對於客家文化接續傳承給下一代的憂慮。(編者)
Abstract Mr. Jimmy Ly is a second generation Hakka in Tahiti. In this article, the author evaluates the current state of the Hakka people, including their history and the issues the new generation faces in their lives in Tahiti. The accounts are mostly based on the author's own experience and observations. This article ponders how a second generation Hakka in Tahiti experiences the transmission of the Hakka ‘culture' from the first generation, and laments the inevitable disappearance of these ‘traditions' over the following generations.(Editor's Note)


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