May  2014 2
An Introduction to the Miaoli Hakka Cultural Park
作者 傅兆書
Author Chao-shu Fu
關鍵詞 客家委員會、苗栗客家文化園區
Keywords Hakka Affairs Council, Miaoli Hakka Cultural Park
摘要 客家委員會於民國90年6月成立,91年接續苗栗縣政府辦理苗栗客家文化園區籌建工作,93年2月由行政院核定提升為國家級客家文化設施,園區於98年1月開工,101年5月12日正式開園,定位為「全球客家文化與產業之交流及研究中心」,具備展示客家、典藏客家、研究客家、產業客家及多元文化教育推廣等功能,期望透過國家級苗栗園區設置,提供民眾接觸客家文化的窗口,建立客家研究資源交流平台,整合串聯客庄觀光資源與特色產業、提升客庄的生命力及經濟力。
Abstract The Hakka Affairs Council was first established in June, 2001. In 2002, it started the planning of the Southern and Northern Taiwan Hakka Cultural Parks, national cultural institutions which aimed to preserve and promote Hakka cultural heritage. The construction of the Northern Taiwan Hakka Cultural Park, located in Miaoli, began in January, 2009 and on 12th May 2012, the park was opened to the public. This park, which provides collections, exhibitions, and educational services along with carrying out its own research, acts as a research center and a platform for the communication and development of Hakka culture and resources across the globe.


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