May  2014 2
Ruizhi Lian, Ying-chang Chuang: Hakka, Female and Peripherality
作者 姜貞吟
Author Chen-yin Chiang
關鍵詞 客家女性、客家女性研究、婚姻、勞動、性別
Keywords Hakka Women, Hakka Women's Studies, Marriage, Labor, Gender
摘要 本文先交代客家女性研究的發展脈絡,再進行對本書不同研究議題的回應與分析,最後再提出對客家女性研究的看法。
Abstract In this article, I will present the developmental context of Hakka women's studies. Further, I will focus my dialogues and analyses on the different research issues discussed in this book. I will end up proposing my points-of-view regarding Hakka women's studies.


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