November  2014 3
Taiwan's Dilemma under the Onslaught of Neoliberalism
作者 黃應貴
Author Ying-kuei Huang
關鍵詞 太陽花學運、新自由主義、族群、國家
Keywords Sunflower Movement, Neoliberalism, Ethnicity, Nation-state
摘要 本文將從新自由主義的歷史條件及政經結構下的臺灣困境,來看太陽花學運與國家及族群等問題:強調若不能面對新自由主義歷史條件所導致金融資本在經濟過程中地位的轉換,以及國家與族群性質的改變,就很難跳出上個世紀現代化觀念的包袱、主流社會既有觀念與視野的限制,而重踏日本所走過失落20年的困境。
Abstract This paper will look at the recent Sunflower Movement, the nation-state and ethnicity in Taiwan from the perspective of the historical conditions produced by neoliberalism and the political-economy structure. It emphasizes that if we cannot face the changes both in the role of finance capital in the economy and in the nature of nation-state and ethnicity induced by neoliberalism, it will be impossible to escape the burden of the notions of modernization left over from the previous century or move beyond the limitations inherent in the old concepts and vision of mainstream society. In such a case, we will be to go down the same path Japan took in the 1980s.


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