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Talents and Intellectuals Outside Zhu Qian City: Ceng Qiu-tao and Lai-yi and Yu-liao Poetry Societies
作者 柳書琴
Author Shu-chin Liu
關鍵詞 曾秋濤、曾逢辰、鄭家珍、來儀吟社、御寮吟社、六也書房、三省學堂、漢詩
Keywords Ceng Qiu-tao, Ceng Feng-chen, Zhen Jia-zhen, Lai-yi Poetry Society, Yu-liao Poetry Society, Liu-ye Study, San-sheng School, Chinese Poems
摘要 本稿包含「曾秋濤先生家族及弟子後嗣訪談錄」、「曾秋濤和來儀、御寮吟社的弟子們」、「曾秋濤詩選萃」三部分,為筆者主持「竹塹城外文采風流:清末開港到日治中期竹北地區文人活動及網絡調查計畫」之田調成果,隸屬「台灣聯合大學系統客家研究揚帆計畫」。曾秋濤(1890-1956),新竹郡舊港庄人(今竹北市崇義里),祖籍福建泉州。曾氏家族康熙年間渡台,至嘉慶、道光之際已為塹北豪農。秋濤師事曾逢辰、鄭家珍等人,為「竹社」及「耕心吟社」同人,一生於漢文教育、漢詩推廣及地方文化事務貢獻良多。曾秋濤從日治時期到戰後,先後任教於雅宜書齋、東山書房、六也書房、三省學堂,總計40餘年,受教弟子超過千餘名。他以書房為中心,在1928年創辦「來儀吟社」、1931年成立「御寮吟社」,為竹北地方詩社嚆矢。其堂姪暨弟子曾文新等人,更在1937年後以此基礎另創「鋤社」。
Abstract This paper is in three parts: “interviews on Ceng Qiu-tao's families and disciples,” “Ceng Qiu-tao and his disciples in Lai-yi and Yu-liao Poetry Societies,” and “Selections of Ceng Qiu-tao's poems,” which are the outcome of field research in my project “Talents and Intellectuals outside Zhu Qian City: Literati's Activities in Zhubei Area during the period between Ports-Opened-for-Trade in the Late Qing Dynasty and the mid-Japanese Colonial Period and Network Investigation Project,” a project affiliated with the University System of Taiwan Hakka Research Project. Ceng Qiu-tao (1890-1956), born in Kyuminato Village, Shinchiku District (now Congyi Village, Zhubei City), was originally from Quanzhou, Fujian. The Ceng Family migrated to Taiwan during the period 1622-1722. Between 1795 and 1850, they became wealthy farmers in the northern Zhu Qian Area. Ceng Qiu-tao had been a disciple of Ceng Feng-chen and Zhen Jia-zhen and a member of Hsinchu Poetry Society and Gengxin Poetry Society. He devoted himself to Chinese language education through his whole life. During the Japanese Colonial Period and the Postwar Era, Ceng Qiu-tao served as a teacher in Ya-yi Academy, Higashi Yama, Liu-ye Academy, and San-sheng School respectively for more than 40 years. He trained more than a thousand disciples. Ceng Qiu-tao founded Lai-yi Poetry Society in 1928 and Yu-liao Poetry Society in 1931, and became the founding father of the local poetry societies in the Zhubei Area. In 1937, his nephew (also his disciple), Ceng Wen-xin, founded “Chu She” on the basis of these societies with Ceng's others disciples.


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