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A Hakka Civil Servant in Sarawak
作者 周丹尼
Author Daniel Chew
關鍵詞 新安客家人、砂拉越、公務員、惠東安會館
Keywords Sin Onn Hakka, Sarawak, Civil Servant, Fui Tung Onn Association,
摘要 本文為作者父親威廉周漢發(1913-1985)的傳記研究。周漢發是祖籍中國廣東省新安的客家人,生於砂拉越古晉,其雙親從廣東東莞移民至此。在當時砂拉越的社會歷史中,一般都將客家人聯想為鄉居、以務農為生,因而在昔日多處於邊緣地位。但受過中西教育薰陶的周漢發則選擇了另一條擔任公務員的職業生涯。這篇傳記探討周漢發的生平和事業,尤其是他在1946年至1963年砂拉越英國殖民統治時期的公務生涯。本文引述了家人記憶、口述歷史、文獻和相片等,來重建略窺周漢發的公務員生涯。周漢發於1968年退休後,成為古晉新安客家人的惠東安會館發起人之一,並於該會館1971年成立時擔任副主席。
Abstract This is a biographical paper on my father, William Chew Hon Fatt 周漢發 (1913-1985), a Sin Onn Hakka, born in Kuching, Sarawak, whose parents hailed from Dongguan ( 東莞縣). While the Hakka in Sarawak's social history have been associated with rural, smallholding agrarian pursuits and a marginalised past, Chew through exposure to Chinese and English education pursued a different pathway through a civil service career. This biography is on his life and work, especially his working life under the period of British colonial rule in Sarawak (1946-63). This paper draws upon family memories, oral history, library research, personal documents and photographs to reconstruct glimpses of Chew's experiences as a civil servant. After Chew's retirement in 1968, he was one of the founding members and Vice President of the Hakka sub- dialect group association, the Fui Tung Onn Association, established in 1971.


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