May  2016 6
Taoyuan Hakka Culture Museum
作者 蔣絜安
Author Chieh-an Chiang
關鍵詞 桃園客家文化館、客家音樂、客家文學
Keywords Taoyuan Hakka Culture Museum, Hakka Music, Hakka Literacy
摘要 桃園市具有多元族群文化的特色,為臺灣最多客家人口的行政區,客家文化館設立在龍潭區,定為「全球華人客家影音中心」,致力於蒐藏臺灣客家文學及客家音樂,有演藝廳、客家文學館、客家音樂館、鍾肇政與鄧雨賢先生的相關蒐藏。文化館致力於傳遞客家文化知識,提供客家文化體驗的服務。館舍外面以客家花布設計的布馬與HAKKA英文字,塑造了該館的客家意象。
Abstract Taoyuan City, featured with multi-ethnic cultures, is the administration area with the largest Hakka population in Taiwan. The Taoyuan Hakka Culture Museum (THCM) is located in Longtan District with a self-positioning as “the Center for Global Hakka Audio and Video Collection”. Committed to the collection of Hakka literacy and Hakka music, the museum houses auditorium, Hakka Literacy Gallery, Hakka Music Gallery, as well as special collections of famous Hakka writer Chong Chao-Cheng and musician Deng Yu-hsien. The THCM is dedicated to the transmission of Hakka cultural knowledge and the service for experiencing Hakka culture. A model of traditional ritual troop “cotton horse” and a caption “HAKKA” are installed in the Façade of the THCM as eye-catching Hakka images.


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