November  2016 7
Hakka Life, Learning and Experience Center: Pingtung Hakka Museum and Liudui Life College
作者 許瑞君
Author Jui-chun Hsu
關鍵詞 客家文物館、社區能動性、生活學院
Keywords Hakka Museum, the Agency of Community, Life College
摘要 屏東縣客家文物館,臺灣第一個仿原鄉圍籠屋建築的客家館舍,肇生於臺灣本土化運動與客家運動的果實。1987年由六堆客籍人士發起籌設,歷經十餘年才於2001年開館營運。2008年底,屏東縣政府委託客家社團進行客家文化傳承與經營,其經營將館舍定位為六堆區域的社區博物館,以「傳承、創新、學習、永續」為立館精神。本文的說明共分成四個部分來談:一、屏東縣客家文物館的籌建;二、進入體制的瓶頸;三、找回社區能動性;四、打造客家生活.學習.體驗中心。
Abstract Pingtung Hakka Museum, the first Hakka building based on the form of Weilongwu from southern China, is the fruit of Taiwan social movement and Hakka social movement. In 1987, Liudui Hakka inhabitants started to prepare to build this museum and this museum began to operate after ten more years. At the end of 2008, a Hakka association entrusted by Pingtung county government with the Hakka cultural legacy, appointed this museum as a community museum and took the ideas of “legacy,” “Innovation,” “Learning” and “Sustainability” as the four founding spirits. This article is composed of four parts: first, the building of Pingtung Hakka Museum; second, the troubles of institutionalization; getting back the agency of community; finally, the building of Hakka Life, Learning and Experience Center.


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