May  2017 8
The Brief Introduction of Hakka Genealogy Museum
作者 嚴雅英
Author Yan Yaying
關鍵詞 客家族譜、博物館
Keywords Hakka Family Tree, Museum
摘要 閩西、粵東、贛南是客家民系形成的地方,是世界客家人的祖居地。上世纪末,福建閩西上杭开始了客家族譜的搜集、整理、研究,並利用族譜文獻與豐富的民間地方文化資源,為海内外客家人尋根問祖、族譜對接與客家研究服務。在上杭縣政府高度重視與支持下,建成了以世界客家人家族史料為收藏中心的首座公辦專題博物館。2015年11月,上杭新建的客家族譜博物館落成開放。二十多年堅持不懈,客家族譜博物館形成了以客家族譜為中心,涉及客家宗族文獻、民俗器物文物為一體的藏品體系,且藏品規模大、内容豐富、形式多樣。
Abstract West Fujian, East Guangdong and South Jiangxi are the places where the Hakka people had their beginnings and are the ancestral homes of the world's Hakka people. At the end of 20th Century, the Shanghang County community of West Fujian started the collection, collation and research of Hakka Genealogy. They surveyed overseas and domestic Hakka people to search for their roots and to match their genealogies with the genealogy literature and the rich resources provided by local folk culture. The first public museum, which centers on the collection of the family history of the world's Hakka people, was founded by Shanghang's county government. In November of 2015, the newly-built Hakka Genealogy Museum was inaugurated in Shanghang after more than twenty years of effort. The Hakka Genealogy Museum focuses on Hakka genealogy, clan literature, and folk artifacts. The museum's collections are large scale, content-rich and diversified.


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