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評黃應貴編,2018,《族群、國家治理、與新秩序的建構:新自由主義化下的族群性》。新北市:群學。xv + 357頁。
Review: Huang, Ying-kuei, ed., 2018, Ethnic Group, Governance, and the Construction of New Order: Ethnicity under Neoliberaliztion. New Taipei City: Socio Publishing Co. Ltd. pp. xv + 357.
作者 許維德
Author Wei-der Shu
關鍵詞 族群、國家治理、新自由主義
Keywords Ethnicity, Governance, Neoliberalism
摘要 本書評分成四大部分。首先是本書兩大特點的探究,包括重要的問題意識、以及和「族群關係」有關的細緻經驗材料。再來是全書個別論文的摘要和評論,將以逐篇方式一一展開。接下來是筆者對本書所提出來的一個概念性評論,是以「族群」概念的定義方式為主題。最後一節是結語,將以本書編者所論之新自由主義下臺灣個案的兩點特殊性為素材,提出一點筆者在閱讀上的疑惑。
Abstract This review was composed of four parts. First, two distinguish features of the whole book --- significant problematic and detailed empirical data regarding “ethnic relations” --- would be discussed. Second, every chapter (including introduction chapter) would be summarized and critically examined one by one. Third, the reviewer would compare the different definitions of the concept “ethnicity” made by various authors and propose his own conceptualization of the term. Finally, while the editor of this book attempted to see two phenomena --- “interaction between individual and collective identity” as well as “multiple ethnic identity” --- as the unique feature of Taiwanese case, the reviewer did hesitate about the wisdom.


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