May  2021 16
The Research of Burial and Conservation to the first Cemetery in Neipu Township of Pingtung County
作者 曾純純
Author Chun-chun Cheng
關鍵詞 墓葬文化、內埔客家、文化保存、文化景觀、祖先崇拜
Keywords Burial Ground Culture, Nei-Pu Hakka, Culture Governance, Cultural Landscape, Ancestors Worshipping
摘要 屏東縣內埔鄉立第一公墓,原為境內面積最大且保存最完整的客家人集葬墓地,然而所在的土地產權屬於縣政府所有,為了加速土地開發運用,陸續公告推動禁葬、清塚遷葬、綠美化等土地再利用政策,鄉公所前後興建和禎園、和祥園兩座納骨堂,原墓區逐漸初具綠帶公園的規模。然而本區的歷史脈絡仍在不停演進中,既存的墓葬區除了偶有自主性遷葬儀禮外,另方面則仍保有客家墓葬景觀及掃墓掛紙的家族祭祖活動,尤以清乾隆年間鄔家古墓最具代表性。當面臨文化資產保存與地區發展價值抗衡之際,尤需建立一條可平行發展且具遠景的完整思考脈絡,以協力地方健全文資價值觀念及準則,進而對文化資產本身的保存及其無形文化所具價值的傳遞,得以獲致更深一層的標準與認知。
Abstract The No. 1 Cemetery in Neipu Township, Pingtung County was originally the largest and complete cemetery where Hakka burials were preserved. The property rights of the land belonged to the county government to promote the prohibition of burials, cemetery relocation, green beautification and land reuse. However, the local historical context is still in progress. In the existing cemetery area, autonomous relocation is carried out, and the landscape of the tomb space and the family's ancestor worship activities during the tomb sweeping and hanging paper are still maintained. Facing the conflict between preservation and development values, it is even more necessary to help localities establish a complete set of values, and then have a deeper standard and understanding of the preservation judgment and value of cultural assets.


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