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Review: Liu, Jia-wei, 2019, Election Politics of Hakka: An Analysis of Factors Influencing the Voting Behavior of Hakka Ethnicity. Taipei: Wunan. pp. 1 + 408.
作者 王保鍵
Author Pao-chien Wang
關鍵詞 客家族群、投票選擇、政黨認同、鄰近效應
Keywords Hakka Ethnic, Vote Choice, Party Identity, Neighborhood Effect
摘要 本書評分為三大部分。首先,對本書架構及重點,進行整理。其次,進行評論與對話,分析北部濱海客家文化重點發展區之總統選舉得票,藉以探討「北客偏藍」議題;同時運用本書所提「鄰近效應」來演繹客家選民投票選擇。最後,在結語部分,本文建議「北客偏藍」論述,可更精緻化地修正為:「北部濱海客家偏綠、近山客家偏藍」。
Abstract This review was composed of three parts. First, this review organizes the structure and key points of the book. Second, for review and dialogue, the essay paper argues the issue of “north Hakka favors Kuomintang” through analyzing the Presidential election in the north major Hakka cultural areas in northern Taiwan. ; meanwhile, tThe essay also employs the “neighborhood effect” to explains the vote choice in Hakka ethnic through the “neighborhood effect” to. ThirdFinally, in the concluding sectionconclusion, the paper provides the suggestionsuggests that the “north Hakka favors Kuomintang” discourse could be amended as “the “north coastal Hakka votes for DPP, and the mountain Hakka votes for KMT”.


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