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Review: Chuang, Yin-chang, Huang, Shiun-Wey edit, 2018, Hakka Immigrants and Development in Local Society. Taipei: Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica. Pp.1-366..
作者 盧正
Author Cheng-heng Lu
關鍵詞 比較、土客關係、客家研究、帝國史
Keywords Comparative approach, Hakka-local Relation, Hakka Studies, Imperial History
摘要 《客家移民與在地發展》通過「移民」與「土客關係」及「認同」為三大主軸,匯集社會、人類、歷史學研究,地域幅員上跨臺灣、中國、新加坡,時間軸上從明末到現代,足可視為自客家研究誕生以來之重要成果展現。本文逐一分析各篇文章後,試圖以「比較」的概念、在重新組織各篇文章架構下,嘗試論述此本論文集企圖揭櫫的宏觀視野,理解「客家族群」在各帝國、邊疆之異同,嘗試理解作者群希冀展示的客家移民模式。
Abstract This collection incorporates works from sociologists, anthropologists, and historians to focus on three main themes: immigration, the relationship between Hakka people and natives, and identity. It covers cases from Taiwan, China, and Singapore and the late Ming period to modern time. This collection is undoubtedly a milestone. This review analyzes each article in this collection and re-organizes the structure through a comparative perspective. This review suggests that this collection provides a broader point of view to understand the similarities and differences of Hakka people in the different borderlands of different empires. I argue that authors intend to build a pattern to realize the Hakka people's immigration and their relationship with natives.


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