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評廖玉禪,2015,《全球客家:重塑中的客家認同》。萊頓;波士頓:布里爾學術出版社,xv+534 頁。
Review: Jessieca Leo, 2015, Global Hakka: Hakka Identity in the Remarking.
作者 陳麗華
Author Li-hua Chen
關鍵詞 全球客家、馬來西亞、認同、比較
Keywords Global Hakka, Malaysia, Identity, Comparative Perspective
摘要 《全球客家:重塑中的客家認同》一書,試圖探究全球化浪潮對於個人客家認同觀念的深遠影響。作者以早年有馬來西亞霹靂州木威鎮共同生活經驗的一小群客家人為例,探究1980年至2010年這三十年間,其個體生命如何經歷了跨國流動與多重文化衝擊,客家認同如何走向個人化、份額化,成為其多元認同格局中的一個選項。本文亦試圖從比較的視角出發,探討該書「全球客家」的概念與臺灣學界對話的可能性。
Abstract This book explores the far-reaching impact of globalization on concepts relating to individual Hakka identity. The author uses the example of a small group of Hakka living together in the town of Beruas, Perak, Malaysia, and their individual lived experiences to examine transnational mobility and multiculturalism during 1980 to 2010 and to investigate how Hakka identity has become personalized and quantified within their diverse identity patterns. This review discusses the possibility of dialogue between the author's concept of “global Hakka” and Taiwan's academic community from a comparative perspective.


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